Sunday, May 11, 2008



I am an aero-philatelist. I find that there are very few website devoted to this branch of philately so I thought blog which will help popularize this branch of philately.

Aero-philately is a branch of philately specializing in the collection of philatelic items relating to airmails. Aero-philatelists study the development of airmails and tell the story of the development of aviation through stamps, covers postmarks etc.

A selection of stamps with aviation theme.

The scope of aerophilately includes:
  • airmail postage stamps, both official and unofficial

  • stamps depicting various aspect of "aviation" eg. aircraft, airlines, airports etc.

  • other types of labels (such as airmail etiquettes)

  • all kinds of mail transmitted by air

  • postal markings related to air transport

  • first flights and other "special" flights covers

  • rates and routes

  • mail recovered from aircraft accidents and other incidents (crash covers)

An aerogramme flown on a special balloon flight in France.

Besides the study of airmail transport by fixed-wing aircraft, the fields of balloon mail, helicopter mail, dirigible mail, zeppelin mail, missile mail, and rocket mail are active subspecialties. Astrophilately, the study of mail in space, is a related area.
I'll explain the various nuances in future posts, with pictures etc.

Please contact me if you are a fellow enthusiast or want to know more about aero-philately.


Anonymous said...

That's what i'm talkin about. Your site is GREAT!!!! I love it. I'll be talking to you my friend soon. I thought I was the only Aero-Philatelist out here. Really I love it. I need to take more time to read more of your site. Butch Sweeney Jr. From S.C.

Naveen Fernandes said...

This is pretty neat. With emails, when we've almost forgotten the beauty of writing letters, you've brought back the "Air Mail".

Love it.

P.S.: Gandhi's comment on flying was that he wouldn't know what to do if he got in too early! Your blog took its time, but is worth the wait.

Anonymous said...

extremely interesting & informative!!! Great read!