Friday, November 21, 2008

Birth Date covers

I have not updated this blog for sometime for various reasons. Hope to start updating on a regular basis. I am at present in Australia awaiting the arrival of our second grandchild expected within the week. I plan to have a unique philatelic commemoration of the event with "Birth date" covers - covers postmarked at the Kangaroo Ground, VIC 3097, Australia post office on the day of the child's birth. Wound'nt that be a terrific keepsake for the child? Who among us can boast of having a cover postmarked on the day of our birth? I might try to get stamps issued in November, 2008 from around the world - that would be a big project!!

Well, my wife Avita has this unique distinction. I have a cover postmarked at Bahrain on the day of her birth. I acquired this cover around 1966-67 as far as I can remember. When I met my wife in 1969 and we were dating I asked for her date of birth and somehow this struck a memory chord and checked my collection and found this cover. So I told her you come into my life long before I actually met you in person!!

Here's the cover:

Bahrain was under Indian Postal Administration till about 1948 - hence Indian stamps were overprinted 'BAHRAIN' for use. British Postal Administration took over from 1948 to 1960 and Great Britain stamps were overprinted BAHRAIN with Indian currency. Bahrain issued its own stamps on 1st July, 1960 with stamps depicting Sheik Sulman bin Hamad Al Khalifah. However, Bahrain stamps portraying the same Sheikh where issued for local use from 1953-57 and again in 1961.

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Lilian said...

Dear Uncle Rudy,

This entry is really soooo sweet. Really nice! Gavin should read this entry... I really love it!

By the way, I heard the wonderful news from Gavin today... CONGRATS!!!

Please send my regards to everyone in Australia, especially to Nicole and the baby.

See you soon in Australia!