Thursday, May 21, 2009

Polish Balloon flown Mails

Balloon flown covers are fascinating. Here are a few Polish balloon mails

Card flown by balloon from Poznan. Landed at Zdziechowa. Balloon regn: SP-BZE Polonez. Pilot Wladyslaw Rewakowicz. Occasion: 12th International Fair of Poznan (=MTP) 5th MTP Balloon Cup

09.10.71. Flown by balloon SP-BZF Stomil from Poznan. Landed at Witkowo.
Wladyslaw Rewakonicz, Kazimierz Pieniazek, Wojciech Jaworowicz
Stamp Day, 50 years of International Fair of Poznan

11.05.1974. Flown from Katowice 1. Landed: Jaworzno 1 Regn.No.SP-BZH Katowice

nternational Stamp Exhibition "Socphilex IV", Katowice 19.V. - 2.VI. 1974
30th anniversary People Republic of Poland
05.06.1976. Flown from: Katowice 1 Landed: Swierklany Górne . regn No.SP-BZH Katowice
11th festival of newspaper "Trybuna Robotnicza"

29.08.1979. Flown from: Katowice 1 . Landed: Secemin k. Wloszczowej . regn No.SP-BZH Katowice
Jozef Zych. Occasion: 13th National Philatelic Exhibition "Katowice'79"
10.09.1984. Flown from: Elblag 1 to Markusy. Occasion: 10th Parachute Competition

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