Wednesday, June 24, 2009

First Flight Covers

Not posted on my blog for some time for various reasons partly as we have been away from the city for some time. Been spurred to so after an email from another serious collector The question he poses is what is a FFC? Too many fakes passing for the real stuff these days.

To me a cover should have been flown on the first flight for which there must be some evidence on the cover itself. A backstamp is very crucial evidence -but unfortunately not all postal administrations backstamp covers. Few covers flow to London for example bear a backstamp. However, sometimes airlines provide a receipt stamp eg. BOAC FFCs. In the pioneering era covers were often flown by airmen to survey a route and these covers were posted immediately on arrival. the covers usually bore the notation of the pilot.

Pilot/crew signatures attesting that the cover was actually flown on the flight too can be accepted. I am bit of a purist so I feel that there must be some postal intervention.

Cover flown from Karachi to Calcutta, posted on arrival at Calcutta.

Moving on to some aircraft stamps.

A souvenir sheet of 10 stamps issued by British Indian Ocean Territory(BIOT) on 18th July 2003 to commemorate the centenary of first powered flight

Well, where is BIOT?

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"Butch" said...

Hey Rudy. Butch here. I just took a walk through your site and I think It's the nut's. I love it. I thought for a while I was the only one collecting Air-Mail, Aero-Philately, and aviation. Great stuff you have. Does this site cost you any thing? I sure would like to show of some of my stuff like your doing. Thanx for your time buddy and I'll catch ya on the flip-flop, Butch