Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Aircraft stamps of Faroe Islands

Have you heard of Faroe islands. These are a group of 22 islands (17 inhabitated) located between the North Atlantic Ocean and the Norwegian Sea about halfway between Scotland and Iceland.

The name of the islands mean fur and no wonder the coat of arms has a ram! Ever since the islands were discovered either by the Irish or the Vikings, there have been many sheep supplying large quantities of wool.

The islands have been an autonomous part of Denmark since 1948. Read more about the Faroe islands

Foroyar (the Islands in Faroese) issued a booklet pane of 5 stamps on 28th October, 1985 to commemorate the 22nd anniversary of passenger aviation in the Faroes. The stamps depict from the top:

Douglas DC-3
Fokker Friendship
Boeing 737
Interisland LM-IKB
Helicopter Snipan

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