Saturday, August 15, 2009


1978 marked the 75th anniversary of the first powered aeroplane flight of the Wright Brothers in 1903. To commemorate the event Antigua issued a set of stamps which were overprinted "Barbuda" for use in the islands of Barbuda. The ½ c stamp shows a Wright Glider III of 1902.

A few more stamps with gliders today: Switzerland issued a lovely stamp on 1st May, 1946 for the special experimental postal flights between Lausanne, Lucerne and Locarno. The stamp was valid only on mails flown on these flights. The stamps shows an open type Zoegling instructional glider, aq high winged primary trainer in which the pilot sits precariously in the nose of the machine.

Portugal issued a set of stamps in 1960 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Aero Club of Portugal (the anniversary was actually in 1959) The set includes this stamp depicting a glider,

Yugoslavian stamps with gliders:

A few more gliders:

Hungarian stamps with gliders

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