Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Gliders contd.....

On 27th November 1957, the first aircraft worldwide to be made from fibre-reinforced plastics took off. It was the “FS 24 Phoenix”: A glider developed, designed and built by three pioneers in Germany. The glider was light. The wings weighed just 95 kilograms, the fuselage managed a little over 60 kilograms, when this lightweight with a wingspan of 16 metres took off with a winched start in the early afternoon and landed nine minutes later.

The FS24 Phoenix is seen on the 40pf stamp of the German aircraft issue of 1980

Composites (which is how fibre-reinforced plastics are now known), the material on which the German glider was based, have become essential components in the aviation and aerospace industry today.

Gliding as a sport is the theme of the 90pf stamp part of the Sports issue of Germany of 1981.

The ICA IS-28 is an all metal two seat sailplane produced in Romania in the 1970s. It was a popular glider and several versions were manufactured in later years, most of which were exported.

The Romanian Aeroclub celebrated their 55th anniversary in 1978 with an exhibition entitled "Aeromfila '78" 15-21 July, 1978 at Brasov. A pre-stamped cover was issued with the IS-28 glider.


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