Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Graf Zeppelin flights

The centenary of the first Zeppelin flight was commemorated by several countries.

 Souvenir sheet issued by Bhutan in 2000 showing the LZ 1 and Count Zeppelin

Souvenir sheet issued by Bhutan in 2000 showing the LZ 129 "Hindenburg" and Count Zeppelin

Souvenir sheet issued by Bhutan in 2000 showing the LZ 130 and Count Zeppelin

Graf Zeppelin carried a great deal of mail.  Mails flown on all major flights were suitably endorsed and special postmarks and commemorative cachets were applied to all flown items.  Besides philatelic mail, commercial mail was also sent by zeppelin because it was the fastest way to send mail across the ocean at that time.  LZ-127’s service to South America cut mail time from weeks to days and was especially popular among businessmen. Postal revenue from these items financed much of the cost of operating the zeppelins. 

Many countries issued special stamps to commemorate the visit of the Graf Zeppelin and her sister airship the Hindenburg.  Zeppelin covers and cards were very popular at that time and are highly prized even today.  Thousands of covers and cards were flown on various flights vut they are very scarce today and command high prices.

March 25-28, 1929 to the near east.  Postage rates were 1M for post cards and 2M for letters.  Mails were stamped Friedrichshafen and a special cachet was applied in shades of red and violet.  4796 pieces of mail were carried.

 A cover flown on the Mediterranean flight. 



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