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Monday, August 25, 2008

Air Routes on stamps

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Some air routes on stamps


This one actually shows merchant nave routes but was overprinted for inauguration of an internal airmail



Saturday, August 23, 2008

Three souvenir sheets from Gibraltar with Warplanes, aptly named "birds of prey"

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The Royal Air force (RAF) came into existence on 1st April, 1918 when the personnel and resources of the Royal flying corps and the Royal Naval air service were combined to become the 'Third Service'. The new service proved its worth when it was able to make a major contribution to the ultimate victory in WWI in November, 1918. It ended the war with a strength of 300,000 personnel and 23,000 aircraft. But post-war budget cuts saw a dramatic decline in its strength. Moreover the Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Sir Hugh Trenchard was engaged in a fierce debate as both the Army and the Royal Navy demanded that Air Power be under their control. Ultimately, the uprising in Somaliland in 1920 settled the issue as the Air force was able to bring the situation under control in weeks whereas it would have taken ground forces months to do so.

Tristan da Cunha souvenir sheet shows Air Marshal Sir Hugh Trenchard, father of the RAF.

FDC of stamps issued by Tristan da Cunha to commemorate the event depicting the various aircraft of the RAF.

Stamps issued by Ascension Is to commemorate 90 years of the RAF.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

RAF 90th Anniversary

Stamps issued by Isle of Man to commemorate 90th Anniversary of the RAF.

Air Display stamps issued by Great Britain.