Thursday, May 28, 2009

US Balloon Flights

Continuing the balloon flight theme: here are some Balloon flight covers from the US.

A cover flown during the 2nd World Hot Air Balloon Championships held at Albquerque from 2nd - 12th October, 1975. 15 Nations and 34 pilots participated. Cover flown on Balloon "Grape Escape" Pilot: Jim Kernaghan.

Cover flown during the Albuquerque International Fiesta 1976.

Cover flown during the 2nd Great Pershing Balloon Derby held in Maryland 1-4 September, 1978.

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta's became a yearly feature. A cover flown on 10th October, 1979 on "The Grape Escape" with Jim Kernaghan as pilot.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Polish Balloon flown Mails

Balloon flown covers are fascinating. Here are a few Polish balloon mails

Card flown by balloon from Poznan. Landed at Zdziechowa. Balloon regn: SP-BZE Polonez. Pilot Wladyslaw Rewakowicz. Occasion: 12th International Fair of Poznan (=MTP) 5th MTP Balloon Cup

09.10.71. Flown by balloon SP-BZF Stomil from Poznan. Landed at Witkowo.
Wladyslaw Rewakonicz, Kazimierz Pieniazek, Wojciech Jaworowicz
Stamp Day, 50 years of International Fair of Poznan

11.05.1974. Flown from Katowice 1. Landed: Jaworzno 1 Regn.No.SP-BZH Katowice

nternational Stamp Exhibition "Socphilex IV", Katowice 19.V. - 2.VI. 1974
30th anniversary People Republic of Poland
05.06.1976. Flown from: Katowice 1 Landed: Swierklany Górne . regn No.SP-BZH Katowice
11th festival of newspaper "Trybuna Robotnicza"

29.08.1979. Flown from: Katowice 1 . Landed: Secemin k. Wloszczowej . regn No.SP-BZH Katowice
Jozef Zych. Occasion: 13th National Philatelic Exhibition "Katowice'79"
10.09.1984. Flown from: Elblag 1 to Markusy. Occasion: 10th Parachute Competition

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Singapore Aviation FDCs

Here are some Singapore Aviation related FDCs I received as a Christmas gift from the charming Lilian. I am happy to say she is soon to be my daughter-in-law.

Aviation series 1973
Aviation Series issued on 24.06.1973

75th anniversary of powered flight:
75th Anniversary of powered flight issued on 16.12.1978

History of Civil Aviation 01.07.1991
History of Civil Aviation 01.07.1991

50th anniversary of ICAO 05.10.1994
50th anniversary of ICAO 05.10.1994

Opening of Changi Airport on 29.12.1984
Opening of Changi Airport on 29.12.1954

Military Aircraft 03.09.2003
Military Aircraft 03.09.2003

Civil Aircraft 03.09.2003
Civil Aircraft 03.09.2003

40th anniversary of RSAF

Inauguration of Terminal 3 at Changi Airport 04.01.2008
Inauguration of Terminal 2 at Changi Airport  04.01.2008

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Aviation stamps - recent additions

For some reason or other this blog has not been updated for some time. Hope to post frequently from my collection.

Here are a some recent additions to my collection:

British colonies commemorated 100 years of British Naval Aviation with stamps, souvenir sheets etc.

Set of stamps issued by Gibraltar:

An innovation was that each stamp had a description of the plane printed on the
reverse of the stamp!!

Souvenir sheet issued by Gibraltar: